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Since 1980.

Are you in Pain? Stressed? Overtired or Overworked?

Are you suffering with Chronic Illness, or Emotional Upheaval, such as Loss, Grief, Anxiety, Separation, Divorce etc?


Need Relief ? Need Healing ? Need Answers ?


Come and enjoy the best massage and healing treatments available in Byron Bay, guaranteed! Feel all your stress, tension and pain melt away in the hands of our professional and caring team. You will be utterly amazed at what is possible.

Why The Haven is your best choice for Healing & Massage:

  • Convenient location downtown (opp. Woolworth’s supermarket)
  • Affordable. See our Prices, Specials and Packages.
  • Professional Therapists.
  • Quality Treatments.
  • Private Rooms (not curtains).
  • Dedicated Reception (no interruptions to your session).
  • Friendly & Helpful Staff.
  • Quiet Clinic.
  • Value for Money.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee :-)

Call our friendly team on 02.6685.8304 to discuss your choice of  Relaxation, Healing, Stress or Pain Relief Treatments, including:

Physio-Spect Internal Body Scan & Analysis, Wholistic, Body-Balancing Kinesiology sessions, Magnesium Floatation Sessions, Infra-Red Sauna, Healing & Intuitive Massage or Pampering Facials.

** Please Note: We do book out early, so please call as soon as you can, or as soon as you know your time off or travel dates. **

A Gentle Reminder to Book Early & Avoid Disappointment:

Our advice to Visitors: Our best advice to you is to book your treatment at the start of your holiday, that way you will start relaxing as soon as you arrive. Please call or email us your booking as soon as you know you’ll be traveling to Byron Bay. We do book out early, and we are always disappointed to tell our clients when we cannot fit them in, so please book early.


If you seek to free yourself from debilitating diseases, emotional and relationship traumas, or simply the challenges of getting through everyday life,
we’re here to help

Our Natural Healthcare Treatment Plans  offer support for your immediate and long-term health care goals. Our team works together to determine your personal optimal plan for wellness that will leave you feeling better than you have in years, guaranteed.


Do you suffer from any of the following?

We can help with Natural Solutions!

Abuse (all kinds, physical, emotional, mental, at school, at work, financial etc)

Aches and pains – back, neck, knee and shoulders







Birth Trauma – Both Mums & Bubs


Chemical/ Heavy Metal Toxicity

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Digestive Issues

Dyslexia or Learning Issues

Fear and Phobias

Food Intolerences



High Cholesterol or Heart Disease

Hormone Imbalance and Fertility

Insomnia or Poor Sleep



Mental Health Issues

Mood Swings

Muscular/ Skeletal Issues



Poor Memory



Toxic Relationships

Trauma or PTSD

Weak Bladder or Bedwetting

Weight Loss

and Many More….

Restore your Inner Balance & Feel Amazing.
Call The Haven today on 02 6685 8304