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What Style of Byron Bay Massage is Right for You.

Massage therapy is a simple solution to many health problems, with benefits for everyone.

When you come to enjoy a massage in Byron Bay at the, “Relax Haven”, you will receive help and relief from problems like: back pain, cramping and muscle spasms, pregnancy pains,  unhealthy skin, rehabilitation and recovery  associated with injury, Improved joint movement, Alleviated joint pain, relief from stress, and the opportunity to rest and be pampered!

You will get great benefit from a great massage, but first you need to find a great massage therapist. Massage therapists can do a lot to your body with their magic fingers. However, without experiencing a massage for yourself, it’s hard to determine the impact that one massage session can have on your body and your state of well being.                                                                                                                          However it helps to know that if you have any of the  mentioned health problems, you can find a massage therapist who can handle them for you, and the best place to find a skilled therapist for massage  in Byron Bay is at the, “Relax Haven” massage and natural healing centre!

There are many short and long term benefits of massage, and just as you shouldn’t expect to exercise once a week and suddenly feel better,  neither should you expect one massage to fix all your problems. If you have several massage in a short space of time, you will experience both short term and their true long-term benefits.

This means that although one massage will be both beneficial and relaxing  , you should book a series of massages to experience the full benefits available to you!

So how much do you stand to gain?

Firstly, you need to get an idea of the problems massage therapy can help you with, and the benefits you can gain from it.

People report the following improvements: Those with premenstrual syndrome have reported reduced water retention and cramping, asthma sufferers have been able to increase their  air flow and improve their pulmonary function, better general sleep quality, increased circulation, better concentration, better  energy and decreased fatigue, decreased or eliminated back, kneck, shoulder and leg pain.

From specific help with ailments like asthma to the more general reduction of stress, it’s easy to see that massage therapy can have real and tangible benefits for you.                                                                                                                                                                                                       This becomes even more important, when you consider that many doctor’s visits happen because of stress-related diseases and issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Even so, it doesn’t take a doctor to figure out that a good massage mean less stress, and that less stress means better health.

Finding a good therapist for specific symptoms is not as easy as going to a therapist and asking for a massage. There are, in fact, a  large variety of  massage therapists out there.

So how do you know which is right for you?

You can begin by looking through some of the types, categories and styles of massage.                                                                               Remedial Massage is not necessarily a cure for all disease, but it can prevent many stress-related problems, and even treat some symptoms directly. It’s great for people who suffer from diseases like breast cancer and lymph-edema  who can find relief from many of their symptoms through massage therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage works on muscle and connective tissue, which is great for athletes, and people with pain issues that a relaxation massage simply can’t handle. The idea is to massage not just the outer muscle tissue, but to get in closer and deeper to work the joints and connective tissue that can still cause pain, if they haven’t been included in the massage. Deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable, but it is well known for the positive effects on the  body.

Many people have heard of Shiatsu massage. Since it roughly translates to, “pressure fingers,” Shiatsu massage is all about the art of applying fingers in the massage, so as to precisely apply pressure to the spots that need attention the most. This can be an intensive massage, similar to deep tissue massage, and can lead to the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers and feel great hormones.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     There is one type of Shiatsu massage which is famous because the massage therapists will actually use their feet to apply pressure to you by literally standing on you!

Swedish Massage is great for relaxation. It works with long, sweeping strokes and is well-suited for improving circulation, relaxation and ensuring pain relief.

All Massage Helps with Circulation and pain relief. When you know the different goals behind different types of therapy, you’ll realize what kind of massage will be best suited to provide what you need and are looking for.

While most massages should have a calming, relaxing effect, you will discover that specific massages like deep tissue massage can be more uncomfortable but of greater benefit depending on the results you desire.

For more information on how massage can help you please, please call us or come and see us at the Relax Haven Byron Bay in Jonson street Byron Bay.

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