Winter Warmer Special


Announcing our Winter Warmer Special!

Relax Haven Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna in Byron Bay

Are you Stiff and Sore, Tired, Over Worked, Stressed and Run-Down?

Do you need to Relax, “Clock-Of”from the world for a while and allow your body to Repair, Regenerate and Recuperate under the expert care of a Highly Skilled Massage Therapist?

We are your choice for the best Massage Byron Bay!

We provide unequaled Relaxation, Pain/Muscle Relief and Natural Healing in our town central Healing Day Spa and Right now we are offering you the opportunity to experience a free sauna if you book two or more massage!


Just imagine the relaxation and regeneration you will achieve by incorporating a Detoxing Infrared Sauna with your next massage!

Call us on 02 6685 8304 to book now

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This testimonial was so good from Nadine and Vicki on Trip Advisor that I had to share it..

Best Massage Ever

5 of 5 starsI have had many massages over the years, but my experience today at Relax Haven was by far the Most Amazing. I had a Polynesian massage and my friend had deep tissue relaxation . Both of us have walked out amazed. If you go to Byron Bay, you must give them a go. You will be very happy and extremely relaxed. We wish they were closer to home as we would both be there regularly. We will be returning. Honestly fantastic! It’s easy to find, easy to park if you need to but mostly, just plain blissful!

The only problem is the massage was so good it has ruined my enjoyment for other massages!

Nadine & Vicki

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Valentine’s Day Special

If you are truly wanting to show the love of your life that they are Special, Appreciated and Loved, You should consider booking one of our justly famous Valentine’s Day Special packages!

Imagine if you can the depth of relaxation and pleasure your loved one will feel when they have been immersed in an incredible 2hrs of body de-stressing!

Their 2hr Valentines Day Special experience will unfold like this:-

Firstly they get to bask in our Infrared Sauna with full light spectrum therapy while listening to deeply relaxing music, then… Once their body is warmed and relaxed they transition to 1 ½ hrs of the most nurturing incredible massage you could imagine where all those tense and sore muscles are gently encouraged to release and relax until they drift into a state of deep peace and relaxation.

However, the journey has just begun… Now they experience the pleasure of an exquisite foot and hand massage, followed by a gentle head and face massage with their choice of essential oils, as applied by one of our very gifted Therapists, each hand picked for their skills.

At the end of this nurturing revitalizing massage their body is in an incredible state of deep joy and relaxation, so we offer a cup of beautiful herbal tea and a delectable chocolate for them to sit and enjoy while they slowly come back to themselves and are ready to enjoy the rest of their day in a state of peace and calmness!!

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Fathers Day Relaxation

Hi to all the Dads out there (or the mums who are looking to spoil their other-half),

Fathers day is the one day of the year when, as a male, you are legally allowed to do something for yourself, to celebrate being a great dad and re-energize yourself for the year ahead!

So come into the Relax Haven to spoil yourself in the best way possible and enjoy some relaxing time out with a sauna/float/massage combination!

Specials on offer for ONE day only are:

Relaxation.. 1/2 hr sauna (or float) 1hr massage $ 69

deep relaxation.. 1/2 hr sauna (or float) 1.5hr massage $99

Mega relaxation 1/2hr sauna 1/2hr float 2hr massage $160

Come in and enjoy the environment and relaxation of our city center relaxation day spa!

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Byron Bay Massage

What Style of Byron Bay Massage is Right for You.

Massage therapy is a simple solution to many health problems, with benefits for everyone.

When you come to enjoy a massage in Byron Bay at the, “Relax Haven”, you will receive help and relief from problems like: back pain, cramping and muscle spasms, pregnancy pains,  unhealthy skin, rehabilitation and recovery  associated with injury, Improved joint movement, Alleviated joint pain, relief from stress, and the opportunity to rest and be pampered!

You will get great benefit from a great massage, but first you need to find a great massage therapist. Massage therapists can do a lot to your body with their magic fingers. However, without experiencing a massage for yourself, it’s hard to determine the impact that one massage session can have on your body and your state of well being.                                                                                                                          However it helps to know that if you have any of the  mentioned health problems, you can find a massage therapist who can handle them for you, and the best place to find a skilled therapist for massage  in Byron Bay is at the, “Relax Haven” massage and natural healing centre!

There are many short and long term benefits of massage, and just as you shouldn’t expect to exercise once a week and suddenly feel better,  neither should you expect one massage to fix all your problems. If you have several massage in a short space of time, you will experience both short term and their true long-term benefits.

This means that although one massage will be both beneficial and relaxing  , you should book a series of massages to experience the full benefits available to you!

So how much do you stand to gain?

Firstly, you need to get an idea of the problems massage therapy can help you with, and the benefits you can gain from it.

People report the following improvements: Those with premenstrual syndrome have reported reduced water retention and cramping, asthma sufferers have been able to increase their  air flow and improve their pulmonary function, better general sleep quality, increased circulation, better concentration, better  energy and decreased fatigue, decreased or eliminated back, kneck, shoulder and leg pain.

From specific help with ailments like asthma to the more general reduction of stress, it’s easy to see that massage therapy can have real and tangible benefits for you.                                                                                                                                                                                                       This becomes even more important, when you consider that many doctor’s visits happen because of stress-related diseases and issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Even so, it doesn’t take a doctor to figure out that a good massage mean less stress, and that less stress means better health.

Finding a good therapist for specific symptoms is not as easy as going to a therapist and asking for a massage. There are, in fact, a  large variety of  massage therapists out there.

So how do you know which is right for you?

You can begin by looking through some of the types, categories and styles of massage.                                                                               Remedial Massage is not necessarily a cure for all disease, but it can prevent many stress-related problems, and even treat some symptoms directly. It’s great for people who suffer from diseases like breast cancer and lymph-edema  who can find relief from many of their symptoms through massage therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage works on muscle and connective tissue, which is great for athletes, and people with pain issues that a relaxation massage simply can’t handle. The idea is to massage not just the outer muscle tissue, but to get in closer and deeper to work the joints and connective tissue that can still cause pain, if they haven’t been included in the massage. Deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable, but it is well known for the positive effects on the  body.

Many people have heard of Shiatsu massage. Since it roughly translates to, “pressure fingers,” Shiatsu massage is all about the art of applying fingers in the massage, so as to precisely apply pressure to the spots that need attention the most. This can be an intensive massage, similar to deep tissue massage, and can lead to the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers and feel great hormones.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     There is one type of Shiatsu massage which is famous because the massage therapists will actually use their feet to apply pressure to you by literally standing on you!

Swedish Massage is great for relaxation. It works with long, sweeping strokes and is well-suited for improving circulation, relaxation and ensuring pain relief.

All Massage Helps with Circulation and pain relief. When you know the different goals behind different types of therapy, you’ll realize what kind of massage will be best suited to provide what you need and are looking for.

While most massages should have a calming, relaxing effect, you will discover that specific massages like deep tissue massage can be more uncomfortable but of greater benefit depending on the results you desire.

For more information on how massage can help you please, please call us or come and see us at the Relax Haven Byron Bay in Jonson street Byron Bay.

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Iconic Massage Business Relax Haven Changes hands and Location

Iconic Massage Business Relax Haven Changes hands and Location
Experience Peace And Health In Relax Haven

Experience Peace And Health In Relax Haven

One of the oldest and most loved businesses in Byron Bay is under new management and has changed location so as to better serve the residents of Byron Bay!

Renown for top quality healing massage ‘The Haven’ has been in business for over 30 years and now this icon of Byron has moved premises into the East Point Arcade opposite Woolworths.

With new management and with new premises, has come an expansion of services offered. Now the Relax Haven has fully bloomed into a Natural Healing Clinic and is offering:


  • Kinesiology to heal all areas of your body/life,
  • Infrared Sauna to detox and beat the winter blues
  • Floatation Tank for unparalleled stress reduction.
  • Relaxing Rejuvenating Massage.

The ‘Haven’  therapists welcome you into their healing hands and open hearts for a unique rejuvenating, healing experience.

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