Our Differences

At Relax Haven Byron Bay, our difference is quite simple…

Here at Relax Haven Massage & Natural Healing  we choose to work only with Professional Therapists  who are not highly skilled in what they do but, more importantly, who love to care for you! Each person at Relax Haven has a passion for healing, and the healing benefits of relaxation and all of our therapies.

Our Therapists love what they do, and they naturally provide you with the best possible care and attention, ensuring your visit to ‘The Haven’ is a memorable and effective experience that you will enjoy and benefit from.

Our Differences Relax Haven

In essence we provide more and deeper relaxation and healing than a health retreat and we do it at a fraction of the price!

As well as outstanding therapists we also have a ‘state of the art’ Infrared Sauna and the only Floatation tank between Brisbane and Sydney.

The Far Infra-Red technology Sauna as an awesome therapy in its own right, reaching deep into your body tissues to extract toxins. However, we also offer the sauna as a complementary extra to our massages. This means that if you desire, you get to experience the sauna for free for 15 minutes before your choice of massage, which effectively relaxes and warms your body so you get the full healing benefit of your massage.

The Floatation tank is unsurpassed for relaxation.. (check out our Floatation tank page, or click here to see this short, amazing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSFDK88x2z4 )as well as a whole range of other health issues and many of our clients use it before or after massage as a complete relaxation decadence package.

We are also privileged to have Anika Brizuela, a truly talented Byron Bay Kinesiology Practitioner, and graduate of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice, providing healing for Clients of Relax Haven. We urge you to do yourself a favor and book in for a series of Kinesiology sessions: the change it will make to you and your life may well amaze you!!

Kinesiology works on all areas of the body (mental, physical, spiritual) and is an exceptional, gentle, precise, non-invasive healing modality for all ages and all conditions, and it also works perfectly with massage, sauna and float tanks!

So, our difference is in the services we offer and the exceptional therapists who give of themselves to ensure that for whatever reason you came to Relax Haven, you will receive the best possible results.

It is with great pride that we can say… “We put the CARE back into health care”. And we look forward to putting the CARE back into your health care here at Byron Bay’s Relax Haven!!

Personal visits
You are very welcome to come in a speak to us about any inquiry you might have. We are very happy to inform, educate, listen, advise, recommend, and generally help you however we can – we’ve even helped our Clients book travel and accommodation!

Call in anytime to view our facilities and ambiance and to ask any questions you may have.


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