Here at The Haven Byron Bay we have assembled a team of world-class therapists to ensure that everything you need for total body, mind, spirit wellbeing can be found in the one handy location.

Discover your own ultimate pathway to wellness!
Book a discovery session with our Kinesiologist Anika and you’ll access your body’s own inner wisdom to create your perfect wellness plan. It’s the fastest, most efficient and effective way to wellness your body will love.

Total Wellness Therapies

·    Kinesiology is comprehensive, all-encompassing health care. Is there something you can’t resolve, no matter how hard you try? Return to your natural, balanced state of health and happiness by identifying, transforming and transcending the unconscious blockages that are sabotaging your life and the fulfilment of your dreams. Kinesiology is the science of working with your Central Nervous System to find what’s blocking your body’s natural healing systems and re-establish healing. Using the body’s own biofeedback system, we look beyond symptoms and go to the source of the problem. In doing so, we identify the most effective method of treatment. Blending eastern and western medicines and alternative techniques and working on all areas of person: mental, emotional, physical, bio-chemical, electrical. Treatment is gentle, easy and non-invasive, and may include Acupressure, NLP, NET, Flower Essences, Homeopathics, Nutrition and Herbs or any of The Haven’s other modalities. See pricing and more.

·    The Physio-Spect is a one of a kind Quantum frequency scanning tool used to scan and analyze the various organs and systems of the physical body in a non-invasive way. Within seconds the Physio-Spect shows on screen the condition of organs, tissues and cells, saving you large amounts of time and money, and of course, discomfort. See pricing and more.


·    Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine – Acupuncture is an effective and safe, drug-free way of balancing the energies of the body systems that restores your health naturally; and also acts as an excellent natural pain killer. Chinese herbal medicine is the internal medicine that helps your organs, tissues and blood repair and function healthily. While acupuncture helps this, treating from the inside out with herbs quickens your recovery and offers a faster, more long lasting return to optimal health. See pricing and more.

·    Natural Health Solutions – Natural therapies such as kinesiology work by helping to restore your body’s natural processes to optimum levels and to thereby prevent pain, illness and dysfunction from recurring or developing. More.

·    Massage & Facials – Switch off while you do yourself good! Massage is a wonderful way to relax, detox and re-align the muscles and lymphatic systems. We offer Remedial, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pregnancy and Lymphatic Drainage massages. In our facials, we use luscious organic and all-natural facial products. These treatments will leave you feeling completely relaxed and looking and feeling fresh and renewed, ready for anything. See pricing and more.

·    Infrared Sauna – The ‘me-time’ with benefits. This relaxing, dry and deeply warming space allows for gentle yet deep detoxification of the body. Helps alleviate many health conditions, aids weight loss and sleep and gives a healthy glow. Suitable for asthmatics. See pricing and more.

·    Floatation Tank – When you truly need to let go and recharge. Deeply relaxing and mystically therapeutic, the magnesium-rich float tank is great for sore muscles while cleansing the energy bodies and allowing the body to self-repair. Widely used by top athletes, it is known to elicit a meditative state and profound healing. See pricing and more.


·    Reiki – We all need a tune up sometimes! A great immune booster and pain reliever, this beautiful hands-on energy healing floods your body with universal life force energy, relieving physical and emotional strain and bringing about a feeling of total body peace, harmony and vitality. More.

We look forward to welcoming you, and helping you back to excellent health!

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Our Booking Policy:

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Without a credit card we cannot guarantee your booking.

·     Cancellation/Change of bookings will be accepted up to day before the client’s appointment without charge.

·     If you change or cancel your appointment on the day, 50% of your booking is payable and will be charged to your card.

·     If you forget and fail to show for your appointment on the day, 100% of your booking is payable and will be charged to your card.