Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine


What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient natural health and balancing technique dating back approximately 5,000 years in history, restoring and improving the health of people for thousands of years.

In the hands of a registered Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncture is an effective and safe, drug-free way of balancing the energies of the body systems that restores your health naturally; and also acts as an excellent natural pain killer.


Acupuncture and female health

Acupuncture is also excellent at regulating and positively affecting all aspects of the menstrual cycle including menstrual flow, follicular and luteal phase function and the time of ovulation. We have also found acupuncture to be safe and effective during pregnancy.

We use acupuncture to treat endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), painful periods and all aspects of dysfunction in the menstrual cycle.


How Acupuncture can help during pregnancy

In the hands of our experienced Chinese medicine practitioner Catherine Varley, acupuncture is perfectly safe during pregnancy and excellent at helping women suffering through morning sickness, fatigue, back pain and anxiety associated with pregnancy.

Acupuncture is also excellent at restoring the health of the father of the baby, as well as all of the persons involved with the baby’s arrival & daily life – to ensure they have the best of health, and the best energy to deal with the new addition to the family.

When we work with pregnant women we do not directly treat the baby, but in helping mum-to-be we also help bub with acupuncture supporting good digestion, nutrient uptake and nutrient transport across the foetal blood barrier. Treat the mother to treat the baby is a foundation principle of acupuncture obstetrics care which always guides our treatment principle during pregnancy.


What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine is the internal medicine that helps your organs, tissues and blood repair and function healthily. While acupuncture helps this, treating from the inside out with herbs quickens your recovery and offers a faster, more long lasting return to optimal health.

Your Acupuncturist will recommend herbal medicine, when deemed this will bring about the best healing outcomes, in conjunction with your acupuncture therapy, thereby drawing on the strengths of each therapy to help you on your way more quickly.


Where do we source our Chinese herbal medicine?

At The Haven, the Chinese herbal medicine we offer our patients come in two varieties. Our clinicians can prescribe high quality pills and capsules, manufactured by Sun Herbal, a well established, reputable Australian company. The manufacture of these herbs takes place in China and is subject to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines as established by Australia’s Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. The benefit to this type of therapy is its convenience and it is largely tasteless.

Our second method of Chinese herbal medicine is concentrated, granulated extracts. These herbs come in a powdered granule and to take these herbs simply add boiling water and drink them like a cup of soup. The benefit to this type of therapy is that dosage and ingredients can be tailored to your individual requirements. Our preferred supplier is Chinawest herbs, a Western Australian company which imports their products from one of Taiwan’s most reputable herbal manufacturing companies. Chinawest herbs are also manufactured to the highest Australian GMP standards.

At The Haven we do not use raw herbs. All our herbs are manufactured and tested rigorously for heavy metal and any other potential identifiable and detectable impurities.


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What can Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine assist with?


Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine can assist you with a wide range of health issues including:

· Pain related issues in Byron Bay

· Digestive Issues

· Stress and mental health issues

· Acute and chronic lung issues

· Infertility treatment in Byron Bay

· Endometriosis and painful periods


· PCOS and fertility

· Fibroids

· Recurrent Miscarriage

· Morning sickness

· Pregnancy support

· Natural Labour Induction

· Turning Breech babies

· Premature and Early Menopause

· Menopausal symptoms

· Male fertility in Byron Bay


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