Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Life between lives

What is Life Between Lives?

Life Between Lives is a Spiritual Regression therapy that allows access to your soul memories in a higher state of consciousness called the super-conscious mind. This provides an opportunity to bridge your current physical life or incarnation and connect with the wisdom and understanding of your more permanent immortal life in the spirit world, bringing understanding, insights and purpose to your life.


The benefits of your Life Between Lives experience in Byron Bay may include:

·     Expanding your consciousness

·     Understanding the meaning and purpose of your life

·     Recognizing the unique contributions that are yours to make in this life

·     Becoming aware of your special gifts and talents

·     Gaining knowledge about your true spiritual nature

·     Being opened to receive spiritually directed guidance

·     Accessing your personal empowerment

·     Knowing at the deepest level why you have chosen certain challenges and relationships

·     Finding out information regarding your choice of parents, body type and lifestyle

·     Eliminating the fear of dying and of being alone in this lifetime


How To Prepare for a Life Between Lives Session

A Past Life Regression and/or Hypnoenergetics® session is recommended before a Life Between Lives Session to prepare the mind to go deep enough, so as to effectively work with any deep messages and healing that comes up in a LBL session.

When you come to your LBL Session it is beneficial to prepare a list of approximately 10-12 questions you want answered and also bring a list (10-20) of past and present people in your life, who have impacted you in some way, positively or negatively. Note their relationship to you and a word or two describing them.

It is important to allow reflection time after a session and a Life Between Lives session is typically 4 hours or longer, so where possible schedule a day when you do not need to return to work or other busy activities. It’s also important to eat a substantial meal and helpful to drink less water and caffeine than usual before your session.

Each Life Between Lives Session at Relax Haven in Byron Bay is unique to you so come with an open mind and heart to undertake this Soul Guided Experience.

A digital recording is made of the session so please bring a USB memory stick so you can take the recording home with you.


To make an appointment call Relax Haven today on 02 6685 8304.



Life Between Lives Session – 8 hours

$ 540

Hypnoenergetics Standard Session 120 mins

$ 270

Past Life Regression 120 mins

$ 270