Natural Health Solutions

At The Haven we are passionate about healthy living and ensuring your body receives the ultimate nutrition and support for healing and optimal healthy function.

Natural therapies such as kinesiology work by helping to restore your body’s natural processes to optimum levels and to thereby prevent pain, illness and dysfunction from recurring or developing.

Your Kinesiologist guides this process through the use of a range of remedies and techniques including herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, flower essences, nutritional supplements and kinesiology discovery techniques such as testing an organ for the percentage of healthy function to see what is going in within your body. They will also help you to better understand your body’s needs so that you reduce the likelihood of recurrence of your condition and go from strength to strength.


Why do we use nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs to heal the body?

Supportive herbs and nutritional supplements help the body back on track and bring about a healthy mental, emotional and physical state. Medicinal herbs are Mother Nature’s survivors! They are tough plants that have adapted to some of the most extraordinary conditions on earth, and as a result they lend us their strength, adaptability and unique medicinal properties, making healing herbs the ultimate natural recovery tool. Herbs can treat many conditions including anxiety and depression.

A good nutrition program provides the essential building blocks for your body to create all the proper chemical changes it needs to become and stay healthy and happy. This includes supporting vital ingredients for happy hormones for balanced fertility, good sleep, happy moods and much more. Having your nutrition assessed and corrected can have no less than astounding effects overnight as we truly are what we eat!

That’s why The Haven Byron Bay places importance on making sure clients receive the best possible food and nutrition information to get their health on track for life. We also stock high quality products including nutritional supplements.


“Morning Anika, Hey I gotta say thank you! I’ve only taken the GNLD supplements last night and this morning and already feel a huge difference to my energy levels! Couldn’t have come at a better time as I have a lot going on. Thanks a million xx Jacinta.”
Mrs Jacinta Rashford, Owner of “Be ChildWise” Child Counselling clinic in Ascot, Brisbane, QLD.


We stock Nature’s Sunshine herbs, and GNLD Food-extracted Nutritional Supplements. These are safe, over-the-counter formulations which are available without consultation. We believe GNLD to be one of the best, if not the best, supplements available as they are actually concentrated foods, not chemical replicas produced in a laboratory. The difference is in the body’s recognition of these as foods, in the way your body takes it in quickly and goes to work fast. Results can be felt in as little as an hour with some supplements.

Supplements available include:
– HRF (Herbal Respiratory Formula) – winter and hayfever
– HRR (Herbal Rest and Relax) – allows relaxation to occur naturally, herbal Valium!
– Masculine and Feminine Balance Formulas.

To order for yourself online, please visit our Client GNLD website at:


For customised effective nutritional guidance and healing herbs or prices, call The Haven today on 02 6685 8304.