Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing sessions are a form of holistic or spiritual healing that return you to a state of optimal balance and can bring about healings that are both instantaneous and life-long.


How does Reconnective Healing work?

Reconnective healing is an extraordinary technique that enables your energy body to vibrate at a higher level of light and thereby return to health. It does this by connecting energy lines in your body and reconnecting you to the energy lines of nature and the universal intelligence, which may have been broken, diverted or interrupted by injury, trauma or electro-magnetic radiation.

In a Reconnective Healing session you are connected to the full spectrum of frequencies consisting of light, energy and information through the Therapists hands, which are attuned to these frequencies. Energy makes up the body physically, organically and in essence. Light is the communication and resonance between the universe and the self. The information is the interaction, or communication, between the energy and the light.

You will find greater harmony and balance through reconnection when information is carried through these frequencies to lighten your vibration.


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