Vocational Guidance

Do you want clarity about your life path? Need help to map your road ahead to your desired life path? Are you struggling to find inspiration or motivation in your work or life?

We all have something special to offer the world that only we can give. Find out how through vocational guidance you can gain true satisfaction doing what you love!


What is Vocational Guidance?

Vocational guidance is takes career guidance, counselling or coaching to the next level! It can assist you to understand how you can use your unique life experiences, passions, talents and skills to create your ideal work life AND lifestyle.


What happens in a session?

With your vocational guidance counsellor you will assess your career experience to date and discover how to combine all your interests into a rewarding career and lifestyle that empowers you. You will gain clear and realistic insight into the practical steps you need to take to easily create a more authentic and less stressful existence that makes you happy to spring out of bed each morning. These sessions can be assisted by Kinesiology sessions in order to clear subconscious blocks to progress.


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