Hi Anika! I’m not sure if you remember me, I came in earlier this year to see you. My Kinesiology goal was to get pregnant and have a healthy baby and that’s just what happened. I just wanted to write and let you know that I had our baby boy recently, a very happy and healthy baby. He is 5 weeks old today. I really believe you had a lot to do with helping me get pregnant, so thank you so very much! I will be back for any further issues we might have.

Mrs R. Willems 2016 Ballina NSW

I came in here not knowing what to expect, but I’ve been completely surprised the first night after the session I slept right through! After 9 years of insomnia! I feel like a new person and I can’t wait to see what else Kinesiology can do!

Ms E. Chambers 2014 Russell Island, QLD

Thanks for helping lift my extreme exhaustion after just one session. And my cold sores, which I have had for over 15 years have disappeared completely overnight! And never returned! I’ve always found it a lot of fun working with you Anika, thank you for making change as easy and as light as possible!

Ms D. Lott 2013 Russell Island, QLD

AMAAAZING experience! So much care, professionalism and value for money. Can’t wait to join your VIP Massage Club! Thank you!

H. Johnson 2015 Byron Bay, NSW

Best massage ever. Found this place thanks to a rainy day in Byron, my 2 girlfriends and I thought this was the best massage we’d ever had – the staff are lovely and it is great value for money! Thanks again to the relax haven team!!!

Ms. T. Weller. 2015 Sydney, NSW

It’s hard to believe that my leaky gut syndrome seems to have disappeared suddenly, after several years of driving me mad, not knowing what to eat or what symptoms I would be next tortured by, after just one session of Kinesiology. I am stumped! Thanks.

Ms K. Adams 2010 Russell Island, QLD

My thanks to you for helping my daughter overcome severe depression and debilitating mood swings. We’ve been very concerned with her crying so much. Thank you for your compassion, and for taking the time to show her what her body needed, and working to help wean her off her anti-depressants.* Her moods are stable and she is much happier in herself every day. She enjoyed your sessions!

*Note this was in conjunction with her GP.

Mrs A. Stoner 2011 Brisbane and Albury

I love coming to The Haven. It is my sanctuary … the membership deal offers an affordable way to keep yourself in optimum health. I highly recommend this place.

S. Star 2014 Byron Bay, NSW

Fabulous service and quality in an overpriced, underqualified town. Thank you!

L. Harvey 2013 Byron Bay, NSW

A wonderfully nurturing environment. I felt that my wellness was at the top of the agenda. THANK YOU.

D. Lester 2015 Byron Bay, NSW

After 40 years and much counseling and other work to resolve issues around sexual abuse, I was pleasantly surprised to realise that after 3 sessions of Kinesiology I feel no more anger towards the person. I feel free to move on with my life now and discover who I truly am, and I know that with your help the journey will be that much easier. I feel free. My heartfelt thanks.

Ms J. Gerrald 2011 Victoria Point, QLD

Thank you for coming into my life. My journey with you [and kinesiology] has been truly amazing, I have grown so much and for the first time in my life I can actually say I am loving myself. I would never have thought that would be possible. You are amazing! Thank you!

Ms J. Howie 2011 Suffolk Park, NSW

Wonderful care and treatment after my car accident. The results far exceeded what I thought was possible. I was in a lot of pain from whiplash and shoulder injuries but within a short space of time I could feel the massage treatments were working so well to loosen up the sore muscles and give me a lot of relief from pain. I am very grateful to all at The Haven and recommend them highly.

D. Richards 2014 Suffolk Park, NSW

On a recent visit to Byron Bay I booked a massage at the The Haven for some relaxation and deep tissue work. The service was great, the complimentary infrared sauna absolutely awesome and the massage so good I booked another massage right away for myself and my partner.

I highly recommend The Haven to anyone wanting to experience a truly great massage.

M. Dobson 2015 Wollstonecraft, NSW

Categorically the best massage I have had my entire life! And your friendly service is sooo refreshing! Highly recommend The Haven!

M. Hudson 2015 Brisbane, QLD

Since starting your sessions I have never looked back. I feel the best I have in decades, and I have also saved over 80% of my time, money and travel I used to spend on my chronic condition. Thank you for your skilled services.

Mrs C. Keemer 2011 Macleay Island, QLD

I have had many massages over the years, but my experience today at The Haven was by far the Most Amazing. I had a Polynesian massage and my friend had deep tissue relaxation. Both of us have walked out amazed. If you go to Byron Bay, you must give them a go. You will be very happy and extremely relaxed. We wish they were closer to home as we would both be there regularly. We will be returning. Honestly fantastic! It’s easy to find, easy to park if you need to but mostly, just plain blissful! The only problem is the massage was so good it has ruined my enjoyment for other massages!

Nadine & Vicki 2015 Marcoola, QLD

Simply superb! Fantastic environment, nurturing people and marvellous customer service. Soooo relaxing, very experienced staff that genuinely love what they do and helping others. Felt very relaxed and peaceful following the treatment. Cannot recommend it highly enough, both of us will definitely be back! J

G. Stoner 2014 Chiropractor

Had I been a cat, I would have been purring! Thank you

A. Jende 2014 Chiropractor

Best most relaxing massage ever. Thank you for helping me centre myself before I start my new life and journey with my soul mate. Thank you.

F. Ruperts 2013 Sydney, NSW

I feel like a new person and I can’t wait to see what else Kinesiology can do!

I came in here not knowing what to expect, but I’ve been completely surprised the first night after the session I slept right through! After 9 years of insomnia! I feel like a new person and I can’t wait to see what else Kinesiology can do!

Mrs E. Chambers

(Russell Island, QLD)


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