Valentine’s Day Special

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If you are truly wanting to show the love of your life that they are Special, Appreciated and Loved, You should consider booking one of our justly famous Valentine’s Day Special packages!

Imagine if you can the depth of relaxation and pleasure your loved one will feel when they have been immersed in an incredible 2hrs of body de-stressing!

Their 2hr Valentines Day Special experience will unfold like this:-

Firstly they get to bask in our Infrared Sauna with full light spectrum therapy while listening to deeply relaxing music, then… Once their body is warmed and relaxed they transition to 1 ½ hrs of the most nurturing incredible massage you could imagine where all those tense and sore muscles are gently encouraged to release and relax until they drift into a state of deep peace and relaxation.

However, the journey has just begun… Now they experience the pleasure of an exquisite foot and hand massage, followed by a gentle head and face massage with their choice of essential oils, as applied by one of our very gifted Therapists, each hand picked for their skills.

At the end of this nurturing revitalizing massage their body is in an incredible state of deep joy and relaxation, so we offer a cup of beautiful herbal tea and a delectable chocolate for them to sit and enjoy while they slowly come back to themselves and are ready to enjoy the rest of their day in a state of peace and calmness!!

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